17 October 2013

Yokohama Tire Autumn Escape Deal

Find yourself loosing traction during this week's rain?  Yokohama is making it easier to replace those old worn out tires before the winter slip and slide. Get a prepaid $60 VISA card when you buy four of some of our favorite tires including:

Geolandar H/T-S - Excellent all-season durability, comfort, and handling for trucks and SUVs.
AVID ENVigor - A rare performance tire that combines excellent traction and handling, superior comfort, long tread life and remarkable fuel efficiency. 
AVID ENVigor ZPS - ENVigor performance with Run Flat peace-of-mind.
AVID AscendThe ideal all-season touring tire with long tread life and superb fuel efficiency 

Offer ends 17 November 2013. Some conditions may apply. 

27 August 2013

Closed Labor Day

We will be closed Monday, 2 September, in honor of Labor Day. Never fear, we will be open the Saturday before from 8a - 5p.

All the best,

Coppell Tire & Auto
Coppell Collision Repair

30 July 2013

Authorized to Perform Scheduled Maintenance on All New Cars

YES, we are authorized to perform scheduled maintenance on your new (under warranty) vehicle with absolutely no risk to your warranty.  Plus, service records of all work performed are always available to you with a simple push of a button.

A common misunderstanding is that you need to get all work done at the dealer when it is under warranty. Not sure how this totally false urban legend has perpetuated, but we can assure you there is a Federal law, called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, that makes it illegal to "tie-in" any ongoing sales or paid-for service to maintain a valid warranty.  This includes all maintenance and any repair that is not covered under warranty. The only work that must be performed by the dealer are repairs covered by the new car warranty and thus "free" to the vehicle owner, including recalls.

The only maintenance concerns you should have is to make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations and keep (or have access to) all records of completed work. We offer maintenance schedule reminders, by email, based on your specific year, make, and model, and maintain complete records of all work done. Hopping around to a bunch of different shops makes record keeping difficult and can result in redundant or overlooked services.

Here are some common mistakes that can legitimately void your new car warranty...

1. Not following manufacturer's maintenance recommendations: Going with the cheapest oil or extending the time between changes, can get you in trouble. Manufacturers specify the frequency, weight or viscosity, and the type of oil, such as petroleum, synthetic-blend, or full synthetic. Same goes for octane in gas. If the manufacturer recommends 91 octane premium fuel, using regular 87 octane fuel could nullify your warranty.

2. Changing Rims and/or Suspension: There is no problem in changing rims as long as you stay within the tire and wheel sizes recommended by the manufacturer. However, over-sized rims and lifting or lowering the suspension can negatively impact high-cost drive-train components, as well as steering and suspension, and thus negate the warranty.

3. Performance Modifications: Any modification to the vehicle that changes its performance beyond what was intended by the manufacturer can be used against you. Performance "chips" is a common example. While it is wise to call the manufacturer before making such changes, a verbal approval is probably insufficient if future damage can be tied to the modification.

4. Misuse of the Vehicle: Uses such as racing, towing, and off-roading when the vehicle was not designed for such use, can void part or all of the warranty. 

02 July 2013

Happy Independence Day

We'll be closed in honor of Independence Day on Thursday the 4th, but will reopen with normal hours Friday and Saturday, the 5th and 6th.

Best wishes for a safe and fun-filled holiday,

Your friends at Coppell Tire & Auto and
Coppell Collision Repair.

17 May 2013

Closed Monday, 27 May for Memorial Day

Coppell Tire & Auto and it's body shop, Coppell Collision Repair, will be closed Monday, 27 May for Memorial Day.  We will be open our normal hours the Saturday before and the Tuesday after.

14 May 2013

Check your kid's cars before they're into their Summer routine

We know it's always hard to go without a vehicle for the day, but now might be a good time before everyone gets into their Summer routines.  College cars, in particular, may have been neglected while at school.  Plus, many young drivers are inexperienced at recognizing developing problems, and probably wouldn't hear a problem over their music!

We recommend that parents occasionally drive their kid's cars as a simple safety check. Here's a short list of what to look for:

  • Check for warning lights and messages. 
  • If they park in the same place overnight, check for evidence of leaks.  
  • Make sure to drive both city and highway as many concerns are speed dependent 
  • Watch gauges, especially the temperature gauge. 
  • Let go of the steering wheel to see if it pulls.
  • Listen for unusual noises - moans, grinds, clatter, squeals, knocks, etc.  
  • Check tires for uneven or chopped wear (turn wheels hard right or left to see the inside tire wear).  
If the vehicle doesn't feel, sound, or smell right, bring it by.

08 April 2013

GM alerts 779,000 owners for more-frequent oil changes

General Motors is warning owners of almost 800,000 2010-12 vehicles that they may need oil changes more frequently than their onboard oil monitoring systems are telling them.

We had four vehicles last week alone come in with engine damage caused by low or overdue oil changes.  We had even more come in with very low oil, but escaped without damage for now. No manufacturer was immune. 

There is a growing trend to extend the time and mileage between oil changes. I've heard as long as a year or 20k miles! In a few late model vehicles following the manufacturer's recommendations using the exact full synthetic oil specified, you may be ok.  But going longer on older models and using the cheap petroleum oil you get with most quick change places will simply shorten the life of your engine. 

Looking at it another way, do you really want to go a full year without anyone looking at your vehicle?  Remember full-service gas stations? They would look at your oil every fill-up. Today, vehicles rarely get a peek between oil changes. What happens when a car starts burning or leaking oil? Most late model cars have shields that catch leaks before the oil hits the ground. The first sign of a problem can be the clattering of lifters which may be too late. 

Granted today's cars are better made than 30 years ago, but if you wait a year between check ups, your chances of being stranded or wasting big bucks on needless repairs is much greater, especially as the car ages. I like to look at all my cars every three months. None of my cars are new (all over 100K) and only one is driven by me, meaning I may never hear about a problem until I look at it. I use a full synthetic oil just in case I can't get one of them in on time.  

Yesterday, my daughter, away at school, found herself stranded with a dead battery. Unfortunately she didn't bring the car home for spring break, which would have been about 3 months.  More than likely we would have caught the weak battery and replaced it. It's not just about the oil; cracked belts, uneven tire wear, soft hoses, various leaks, and yes, weak batteries, can be caught before finding yourself stranded. We can't predict everything, but we can significantly reduce risk.  

An indication of how strongly we feel about the importance of engine oil, we use a longer-lasting synthetic-blend oil priced the same or less than what competing quick change shops charge for their base petroleum oil. Check out their price for synthetic-blend to get a real feel for our value. We won't get rich and you won't go broke, but your engine will last longer.

Read more about GM's alert at: http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130405/RETAIL05/130409922/gm-alerts-779000-owners-to-need-for-more-frequent-oil-changes&cciid=email-autonews-daily#ixzz2Pp6mW8KM