08 March 2008

Bigger, faster and more comfortable

Last year a few of our loyal customers started hinting that our service was slowing down, especially for the quick preventive maintenance, like an oil change or tire rotation. We figured a lot more of you felt the same way, but were just too nice to tell us. So, we decided to fix the problem by adding some more space...a lot of space.

  • Nearly twice as many bays to get you in and out faster

  • A new customer service area with complimentary wireless internet

  • More display space to show off our great tire deals

  • An employee break room (happy technicians means happy customers!)

  • More storage for more on-hand parts and quick service

  • Expanded office space for the boss

  • And brand new, sparkling clean bathrooms!

The office moved, but we're still next door to Coppell Middle School West, just one door down from our old entrance. Feel free to park in the main lot off of Crestside Drive or along the west side accessible from Wrangler Drive.

We hope you like it. And if you have any other ideas or concerns, keep them coming. Thanks for your business!

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