13 August 2009

State Inspections

While we don't do State Inspections here at Coppell Tire & Auto, we can get them inspected by a nearby service. Generally we do this when our customers believe their vehicles won't pass, after they failed, or as a service while they getting other work done. If a State Inspection is all you need, it is much faster to go directly to the inspection service.

If your "check engine" warning light is on, you will need to get the cause repaired before the vehicle can pass inspection. Once fixed, the vehicle's computer has to "learn" that the repair was made by going through a series of drive cycles. The type of driving varies by repair, manufacturer, and sometimes vehicle. While manufacturers/dealers may tell you it is easy to complete their "drive cycle", it can be quite difficult on our streets and highways. For example, you may need to drive the vehicle at 45mph for 10 miles. This means you need an open highway without traffic that may slow you down or run you over. As such, it often takes longer to get vehicles through drive cycles (get them "pass-ready") than it does to repair the initial problem.

Typically, the last and first week of each month fills up with inspection related repairs requiring a lot of drive time. As resources are limited, it can take longer than expected to resolve inspection issues during this time.

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