24 February 2011

As instability in the major oil producing countries translates to higher gas prices at the pump, a free tune up check should be high on your priority list.

What constitutes a "tune up" has changed over the years and varies by vehicle. All still include spark plugs, maybe spark plug wires, and fuel system cleaning. Older models will include a distributor cap and rotor.

Unlike many competitors, we never assume that everything is needed. Rather, we recommended services based on a visual check and/or computerized performance test. As a rule of thumb, standard spark plugs need to be replaced every 30k miles and platinum plugs every 60k - 90k miles. Your vehicle's manual should indicate the appropriate schedule.

The fuel system cleaning removes gum and varnish from the entire fuel delivery system, cleans carbon deposits from the combustion and upper intake areas, and cleans the fuel injectors, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. The end result is an increase in your vehicle's vacuum, fuel mileage, and performance.

For other tips on saving gas, see our previous post "Save gas and the environment" or simply drop off your vehicle for a free inspection.

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