14 May 2013

Check your kid's cars before they're into their Summer routine

We know it's always hard to go without a vehicle for the day, but now might be a good time before everyone gets into their Summer routines.  College cars, in particular, may have been neglected while at school.  Plus, many young drivers are inexperienced at recognizing developing problems, and probably wouldn't hear a problem over their music!

We recommend that parents occasionally drive their kid's cars as a simple safety check. Here's a short list of what to look for:

  • Check for warning lights and messages. 
  • If they park in the same place overnight, check for evidence of leaks.  
  • Make sure to drive both city and highway as many concerns are speed dependent 
  • Watch gauges, especially the temperature gauge. 
  • Let go of the steering wheel to see if it pulls.
  • Listen for unusual noises - moans, grinds, clatter, squeals, knocks, etc.  
  • Check tires for uneven or chopped wear (turn wheels hard right or left to see the inside tire wear).  
If the vehicle doesn't feel, sound, or smell right, bring it by.

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